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2012 Road Rescue Challenge Tasmania

Australasian Results

Immediate Rescue
3rd - QFRS Blackwater
2nd - QFRS Cairns
1st - NZFS Rolleston

Entrapped Rescue
3rd - TFS Launceston
2nd - NZFS Feilding
1st - FRNSW Hurstville

Controlled Rescue
3rd - QFRS Blackwater
2nd - QFRS Cairns
1st - NZFS Whitianga

Best Technical Team - FRNSW Hurstville

Best Medical Team - QFRS Blackwater

Best Team Leader - QFRS Cairns

ARRO SES Director's Shield - TASSES Huon Valley

Spirit of the Challenge - Singapore Civil Defence Force

ARRO 2012 Australasian Rescue Champions

3rd - QFRS Blackwater

2nd - FRNSW Hurstville

1st - QFRS Cairns

Symposium Presentations

Thanks to the kind permission of each of the presenters at the 2012 Challenge Symposium, ARRO will soon present all of the presentations and videos from the various presenters. Details will be sent to all members when they are available on line.

Video Summary of the Challenge

The support of ARRO's latest supporter, Momentum Technologies, at this year's challenge was excellent. Thanks to their efforts we are pleased to be able to present this video capturing the various aspects of the challenge. Arrangements are in progress to make all of the video captured of the challenge available to all teams. When this is available all teams will be advised.

Image Gallery

Warren Frey is a firefighter with Tasmania Fire Service and clearly a skilled and professional photographer. To see and purchase his work capturing the story of the 2012 Australasian Rescue Challenge follow this link.



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