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2011 ARC/WRC Wellington, New Zealand

Australasian Catergory Results

Immediate Rescue
3rd - NZFS Greytown
2nd - NZFS Feilding
1st - CFA Werribee

Entrapped Rescue
3rd - NZFS Feilding
2nd - NZFS Morrinsville
1st - NSWSES Coffs Harbour

Controlled Rescue
3rd - CFA Werribee
2nd - NZFS Morrinsville
1st - QFRS Blackwater

Best Technical Team - NZFS Morrinsville

Best Medical Team - CFA Werribee

Best Team Leader - NZFS Whitianga

ARRO SES Director's Shield - NSWSES Coffs Harbour

ARRO 2011 Australasian Rescue Champions

3rd - NZFS Morrinsville

2nd - NZFS Feilding

1st - CFA Werribee

World Catergory Results

Immediate Rescue
3rd - FRNSW City of Sydney
2nd - Generalitat De Catalunya
1st - Consorcio De Bomberos De Valencia

Entrapped Rescue
3rd - QFRS Blackwater
2nd - Central Scotland Fire & Rescue Service
1st - Royal Berkshire Rescue Team

Controlled Rescue
3rd - Bridgend South Wales Fire & Rescue Service
2nd - Royal Berkshire Rescue Team
1st - CFA Werribee Fire Brigade

Best Technical Team - North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

Best Medical Team - Generalitat De Catalunya

Best Team Leader - Royal Berkshire Rescue Team

Spirit of the Challenge - Sakahlin SRS

WRO 2011 World Rescue Champions

3rd - Generalitat De Catalunya

2nd - CFA Werribee

1st - Royal Berkshire Rescue Team

Symposium Presentations

Thanks to the kind permission of each of the presenters at the 2011 Challenge Symposium, ARRO is pleased to be able provide copies of their presentations.

They include:

  • Christchurch Earthquake Response (4 MB)
  • Japan Tsunami Response (2 parts due to size 6MB & 7MB)
  • Your Operational Comfort Zone (6 MB)

Video Library

Thanks to and our 2011 challenge hosts, we now have complete video library of every team's efforts in every scenario.

Image Gallery

Thanks to 111Emergency from New Zealand for providing this image gallery from ARC/WRC11. It contains over 4200 images. They have been divided into the various functions and activities during the challenge.



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