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Challenge Coordinator: Tim Fox

Tim is an Inspector with the NSW Fire Brigades. He joined the NSWFB in 1985 and has spent the majority of his career working as a specialist rescue operator, including five years as a Senior Rescue Instructor.

Tim's involvement in road rescue challenges started in 1995, when as a member of the Burwood team, won a state event and went on to represent the NSWFB at a challenge in Canada.

In 1999 Tim was a member of the Burwood team that picked up 1st place at the World Challenge in Melbourne at "Rescue Down Under" and in 2000 was a member of the Burwood team that won the Australasian Challenge at Mt. Gambier.

Tim remains passionately involved in the ARRO Challenges, he says he continues to be involved in ARRO because he knows how much his on road skills improved training for and participating in national and international events.

Tim was promoted to Inspector in 2006 and worked for two years in regional NSW, based at Bathurst. He has returned to Sydney and currently acting Deputy Manager of Rescue & USAR, based at Ingleburn.

Tim joins the ARRO Executive in 2009 as Challenge Coordinator and chair of the Technical Committee


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