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Teams often have questions about participation in the rescue challenge and about improving on road service delivery. The ARRO Technical Committee has developed these questions and answers to assist rescue teams in identifying best practice in road rescue.

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FAQs with answers from the ARRO Technical Committee

  • NEW - What does ARRO do to 'debug' or render safe cars used in the challenge?
  • Can you clarify some points about the equipment and rules for ARC12?
  • The 2009 rules allow teams to winch in the pits, how do we do this if our scenario allows for it?
  • 2009 Challenge Questions
  • Does broken glass have to be wet down at a scene before cleaning up?
  • What are some of the changes being introduced in the Australasian Rescue Challenge 2009?
  • Do we need to use hard protection continuously around patients when in the "ramming phase" of operations?
  • Is the spreader permitted to be used to lift the vehicle?
  • Do doors need to be braced / held when spreading away from the vehicle and if so what are some acceptable methods?
  • What is meant by the term simultaneous tool operation?
  • What is best practice eye protection at a rescue scene?
  • What level of participation and involvement should a team leader have during the extrication process?
  • When cutting a C pillar using a reciprocating saw, does hard protection need to be in place between the cut and the casualty?
  • Does the battery have to be disconnected?
  • Does all the glass need to be removed when teams are cutting away the roof or spreading the door away on the vehicle?
  • Do we need to cover every sharp edge as we go, especially when not near the patient, given we the rescuers are all wearing protective clothing?
  • The medic standing at the front of the vehicle shouting instruction to the casualty in the vehicle seems at times a little unrealistic. How soon should the medic approach the vehicle when arriving at the scene?
  • Do team members have to remove their leather gloves when handling casualties?

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