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Who we are

The Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) is the peak body in Australasia for the development and exchange of information, knowledge and skills in road rescue. Its membership is drawn from the individuals and organisations in the emergency services that assist people at road crashes everyday such as Fire Services, State Emergency Services and Ambulance Services.

ARRO was established as the Australian National Road Accident Rescue Association (ANRARA) in 1996. ANRARA changed its name to ARRO in 2003 to better reflect its position on the World Rescue Organisation. ARRO represents Australasia on the council.

ARRO is a membership based Association, incorporated in Victoria, and relies on the support of members to exist. Members can be individuals, emergency service organisations, as well as corporates with an interest in the rescue industry. ARRO operates as a non-profit organisation under the Associations Incorporation Act (Vic) 1981 and has Rules of Association.

The assets and income of ARRO are applied solely in the futherance of its objectives.

Rules of Association

The facts

Road rescue is the science of making space to rescue people injured in motor vehicle crashes efficiently and without further injury in order to deliver them to hospital sooner - this gives them the best chance of survival.

Research shows that worldwide there is one road trauma fatality every 26.9 seconds and that for every road fatality in developed countries like Australia there are three life long disablements, 10 major trauma patients requiring surgery and 30 cases requiring medical care. This costs a staggering $630billion per annum.

What we do

ARRO helps to reduce this toll by striving to ensure the same high standard of rescue care is provided to those involved in road crashes anywhere throughout Australasia by creating and fostering the exchange of information and experience across its member individuals and organisations.

Through its involvement in road rescue challenges, and knowledge of the latest technologies, ARRO strives to improve the science and quality of rescue services provided to casualties and, therefore, a reduction in the severity of injuries.

ARRO has contributed to an expansion of the knowledge base for the science of road rescue and helped make Australasian rescue skills comparable internationally.

ARRO engages with other peak bodies, emergency management and road safety organisations to form networks with other relevant peak bodies, nationally and internationally.

ARRO participates actively in the World Rescue Organisation (WRO) and liases with agencies such CARRS Q, Monash University and the Australian College of Road Safety.

ARRO provides the opportunity to its members to act independently and to explore opportunities in the development of techniques, skills and innovation that may lead to better rescue outcomes. As an independent organisation it has the capacity to broker new directions that may otherwise be restricted by agency constraints.

How we succeed

ARRO is able to measure its success by the number of participants who rate the annual road rescue challenges, symposia and workshop as successful, the number of technical bulletins produced, the maintenance of assessor standards and by the number of persons approved to assess.

Our goal of providing members with information and technical advice is met by the production of technical bulletins covering such areas as:

  • research into new vehicle safety systems entering the market place articles on new equipment and techniques liaison with rescue tool manufacturers

Statement of Purpose

As the peak body in Australasia for the development of knowledge and skills in Road Rescue we will:

  • Contribute to community safety and the saving of life Gather and provide innovative ideas and technical information to the industry Facilitate Australasian Challenges, symposia and workshops Establish and maintain Australasian standards for assessors Create networks with other relevant peak bodies nationally and internationally Initiate opportunities to promote the ideals of ARRO

ARRO Strategic Plan 2016-2020


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