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The Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) is the peak body in Australasia for the development and exchange of information, knowledge and skills in road rescue. Its membership is drawn from the individuals and organisations in the emergency services that assist people at road crashes everyday such as Fire Services, State Emergency Services and Ambulance Services.

ARRO was established as the Australian National Road Accident Rescue Association (ANRARA) in 1996. ANRARA changed its name to ARRO in 2003 to better reflect its position on the World Rescue Organisation. ARRO represents Australasia on the council.

ARRO is a membership based Association, incorporated in Victoria, and relies on the support of members to exist. Members can be individuals, emergency service organisations, as well as corporates with an interest in the rescue industry. ARRO operates as a non-profit organisation under the Associations Incorporation Act (Vic) 1981 and has Rules of Association.

What is ARRO all about?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Teams often have questions about participation in the rescue challenge and about improving on road service delivery. The ARRO Technical Committee has developed these questions and answers to assist rescue teams in identifying best practice in both the challenge and day to day rescue on the road. 

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Latest News

Passing of Life Member - Alun Williams

Friday 14th October marked the funeral of our friend, colleague and ARRO Life Member Alun Williams.

The funeral was attended by Steve Rothwell (ARRO Executive Officer), President Mark Roche (representing QFES and ARRO), Nigel Lilley ARRO CMT Member representing NZFS and UFBA), Lee Johnson (ex-Commissioner QFRS and ARRO past President) along with family, friends, workmates, etc. Approximately 200 + people attended the service.

The Regional Assistant Commissioner (QFES) organised a guard of honour which was some 80 strong with career FF’s, Auxiliary FF’s, Rural FF’s, Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR), and Communications staff all in uniform. It was a fitting gesture for Alun’s entourage to enter the chapel.

The service saw close family say a few words along with a slide show of Alun’s life. Post the service the Townsville Fire and Rescue Station was opened to all who knew Alun for the wake.

At the wake, President Mark addressed those attending on behalf of QFES but more so ARRO where he spoke of Alun’s Life Membership, his passion and dedication to RCR and his influences on the World stage. Mark made mention of the many emails and letters that were received from WRO peak bodies around the World (South Africa, Spain, England, America, to name a few) offering their condolences. The family were delighted to hear the stories and Alun’s worldwide reach which they weren’t quite aware of.  

It was a fitting way to farewell a friend and long term member of ARRO.

RIP Alun. 

FRNSW Wollongong off to Brazil

ARRO Vice President Rob McNeil today (16/10/16) farewelled the FRNSW Australasian Rescue Champions, Wollongong C platoon, off to Curitiba, Brazil to compete in the World Rescue Challenge.  FRNSW Wollongong took out overall champion honours at ARC15 in Alice Springs, NT and won the right to represent ARRO at this years WRC.

The team consists of Andrew Barber, Justin Taylor, Stuart Willick, David Elliot, John Robinson and Andrew Clark. The team is being chaperoned by Clayton Alison.

They were all very proud and excited to be representing FRNSW, ARRO and Australasia at 2016 WRC. They will return on the 26 October.

We wish them well.

Holden Partner Program - Discount New Cars

In recognition of the long standing relationship between ARRO and Holden, ARRO members are eligible to access a range of extensive discounts on the purchase of new Holden vehicles.  This offer is only available to Australian individual ARRO members.  If you would like to access the program, why not join ARRO today! Existing ARRO members can access the program via this link. 


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