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The Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) is the peak body in Australasia for the development and exchange of information, knowledge and skills in road rescue. Its membership is drawn from the individuals and organisations in the emergency services that assist people at road crashes everyday such as Fire Services, State Emergency Services and Ambulance Services.

ARRO was established as the Australian National Road Accident Rescue Association (ANRARA) in 1996. ANRARA changed its name to ARRO in 2003 to better reflect its position on the World Rescue Organisation. ARRO represents Australasia on the council.

ARRO is a membership based Association, incorporated in Victoria, and relies on the support of members to exist. Members can be individuals, emergency service organisations, as well as corporates with an interest in the rescue industry. ARRO operates as a non-profit organisation under the Associations Incorporation Act (Vic) 1981 and has Rules of Association.

What is ARRO all about?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Teams often have questions about participation in the rescue challenge and about improving on road service delivery. The ARRO Technical Committee has developed these questions and answers to assist rescue teams in identifying best practice in both the challenge and day to day rescue on the road. 

All in a day at ARC16

ARC17 Highlights


AGM Appointments

In accordance with the Rules of Association, half of the committee positions on the Executive and Technical Committees fall vacant each year.  Each position is elected on a two-year rotational basis.  Please congratulate our new office bearers appointed at the AGM on 8 March 2021:

Executive Commitee

President Jeremy Fewtrell AFSM

Vice President - Dan Ohs (Temporary for 12 months)

Technical Committee

Command Specialist - Michael Vanderzalm

Medical Specialist - Hannah MacLeod

The Executive appointed Kerrie Kent to the Executive Officer role on 8 March 21.

The Executive and Technical Committees would like to thank Mark Roche AFSM, and Steve Rothwell for their dedication and service to ARRO during their term in office.

Cancellation of ARC21

The ARRO Executive has determined that the 2021 Australasian Rescue Challenge will have to be cancelled.  This position was not made lightly and has been based on the a number of issues including unknown impacts COVID 19 will have on travel as well as feedback received from member agencies whereupon the majority have indicated that they were unlikely to register a team or teams for the event due to budgetary pressures placed upon them. On a positive note, the Executive are currently in discussions with potential host agencies for ARC22 and ARC23.

Help Recognise ARRO’s 25th Anniversary

The precursor to ARRO, the Australian National Road Accident Rescue Association (ANRARA) was formed in 1996 and was instrumental in the establishment of the World Rescue Organisation.  Next year, ARRO will turn 25 years young.  The Executive want to recognise this milestone at ARC22 and are seeking input from our founding, long serving or even new members that highlight ARRO’s contribution to the advancement of road crash rescue and patient care.  Photos, videos, highlights, funny stories, etc that ARRO can share on the website and use at one of the official functions at ARC22 would be welcomed.  Contributions can be forwarded to our Executive Officer at

Launch of new app designed to protect our first responders & save lives

Designed to help protect frontline emergency services personnel and provide faster post-crash care to vehicle occupants at the scene of a crash, Australasia’s independent vehicle safety advocate, ANCAP SAFETY, has launched a new digital app.

The app compiles ‘rescue sheets’ for 500+ new and used vehicle models available across Australia and New Zealand, and is being made available to all state and territory road crash rescue agencies free of charge to assist with the safe and efficient extrication of road crash casualties.

The ANCAP RESCUE app is available to all Australian and New Zealand emergency service agencies for free from the App Store and Google Play

Ambulance Agencies Join ARRO

I am pleased to report that following a presentation to the Council of Ambulance Authorities by Daniel Ohs, St John New Zealand (Medical Specialist, ARRO Technical Committee) we have managed to recruit six new Agency Members.  Our new agency members are: St John New Zealand, Wellington Free Ambulance, NSW Ambulance, Ambulance Tasmania, St John Northern Territory and Ambulance Victoria. These six agencies now sit alongside our long standing member, Queensland Ambulance. 



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